TKO 20kg Olympic Power Bar

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Introducing the TKO 20kg Olympic Power Bar, a premier choice for serious lifters. With a 30mm hardened and tempered shaft, this 86-inch bar offers a robust solution for heavy lifts on standard racks and benches. Weighing in at 20 kilograms, it provides a challenging workout, ensuring you meet your fitness goals.

The TKO 20kg Olympic Power Bar boasts a tensile strength of 152,000 psi, guaranteeing durability and reliability in every lift. Rigorously tested for both strength and integrity, each bar is measured for straightness to uphold our commitment to quality.

Featuring a hardened chrome finish, the TKO bar not only exudes a sleek aesthetic but also resists corrosion for long-lasting performance. The medium knurl pattern ensures a secure grip without being overly aggressive, making it suitable for various exercises. With no center knurling, it accommodates diverse lifting preferences.

Enhancing the bar's performance is the oil-impregnated brass bushing, ensuring smooth and reliable rotations during lifts. The double snap ring construction prioritizes safety, maximizing strength and overall integrity.

Manufactured to tight tolerances, the TKO 20kg Olympic Power Bar stands out for its exceptional performance. Elevate your lifting experience with this meticulously crafted bar—a testament to TKO's commitment to quality and excellence.